26 January 2019




I remember the moment Isabelle asked me the question...

We'd been hanging out for a few weeks and we just hopped in the car

"so... what is this, what are we doing?"

my answer was something stupid like

"going to get some dinner before I take you home"

I can tell you what Belle was wearing the first time we met, I can tell you how we met or the first time we said those three words
But all you need to know is life has been better since that drive to dinner

Fast forward four years and together we've shared many wonderful moments, our story has just begun and we'd love for you all to come and celebrate the start of the next chapter in our lives together.

So...what is this,

what are we doing?

We're getting Married.

 x S&B o





Ceremony & Reception

Although we do love all of your little gems we would request that our wedding remain adults only.

So book a sitter and dust off those dancing shoes!


Bring along your favourite beverage and come celebrate with us!

Wishing Well

Your presence is more than enough

but if you feel inclined to give a gift, throw a little something in the wishing well.

Sunday Session

Join us for more food, drinks and laughs on Sunday!
Make a weekend of it lets hang out and recover together, same place around lunch :)





Getting There

You either drive for a couple hours through a gorge or pay an overpriced air fare to what surely must be New Zealands smallest airport.

 Rest assured, its all worth it!

The first city to see the sun & we are banking on some sunshine.

Here are some of our favourite spots we recommend 


Accommodation will book out quick due to it being summer!
Be sure to book your weekend sooner than later

Note: Gizzy City to Wainui Surf Club is less than a ten minute drive 

There are plenty of hotels, motels & camp grounds
If you need assistance feel free to contact us 


Wedding Party

Minister: Luisa Fruean

Master of Ceremony: Mareta Matenga

Bride:                 Isabelle Dekker

Daughter of Conrad & Marion Dekker

Maids of Honour: Damaris Dekker

                           Anoushka Dekker

Brides Maids:      Rachel Martin

                          Bronte' Angell 

Groom:           Sefa Aukuso

Son of Uili & Suria Aukuso

Best Man:       Taina Sinoti

Groomsmen:    Falani Liava'a

                      Kima Iosua

                      Masaga Simona

Ring Bearer: Joshua Aukuso




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